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Tourism management in nature conservation areas

On 1-8 September 2016, Polish Ecological Club organized a study visit and a conference dedicated to tourism management in different nature conservation areas: national and landscape parks and Natura 2000 sites. Both the trip and the conference were attended by representatives of many institutions and projects from Poland and Norway, including the “NATURA mission” project. They visited the Wigry, Bialowieża and the Tatra National Park as well as the Ciężkowicko-Rożnowski Landscape Park, exchanging ideas and experiences with Parks authorities. The participants discussed about how to wisely promote nature tourism and conduct environmental education. Nature tourism is often the primary source of income for people living in areas of unspoiled nature, where due to its protection industry and intensive agriculture do not develop. On the other hand, for many years now, tourism is one of the greatest threats to wildlife.

The photo shows a rock on the trail around the Morskie Oko lake in the Tatra National Park devastated by tourists.

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